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AN Yoga Movement
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by Stephane Barraque on AN Yoga Movement
Yoga retreat, Peru November 2018

As we head back to Miami after a week of pure joy and beauty, I want to thank Any and Nestor for love and kindness. It was our first experience and Noelle and I are already looking Forward to the next one. The Meditation and Yoga classes were always very engaging and never felt the same, and your attention to making sure we are always holding proper posture is a real benefit to our learning and progress.
The trip and visits were stunning and perfectly organized always with the right touch of hiking, sightseeing and culture.
You nailed it!
Thank you again so much for your love and kindness!

by Zolangel on AN Yoga Movement

I've attended 2 of the retreats Anny and Nestor have hosted and I have felt so happy with both experiences. The first one was in Costa Rica and the second one was in Colombia, both were transformational experiences for me. My yoga practice grew exponentially within those weeks. Anny has been one of the most influential yoga mentors I've encountered in my life and for that I am forever grateful!! I am looking forward to continue sharing amazing travel experiences with AN Yoga Movement and the group of individuals that join. Anny is an incredible instructor and has a heart of gold, if you have the opportunity to learn from her I highly recommend it!

by Kelly Maria on AN Yoga Movement

“She’s the best yoga teacher I have ever practiced with. Anny knows how to transition and doesn’t ever use the same sequencing so class is always challenging and flows easily.”

by Monica on AN Yoga Movement
Retreats/Yoga Classes

I truly have to say that attending Anny's yoga retreats have both been a blessing to me. The Magical Retreat in Colombia was absolutely a healing and magical experience for me. If you have the opportunity "Try to make it to one of her retreats". An absolute amazing journey. Also her classes are one of kind. If you are looking for a spiritual, mindful, peaceful yoga class. Anny is the one. Many blessings to all.
Light, Peace, Love,

by Alessandro Battellino on AN Yoga Movement

I’ve been to several yoga studios and had various instructors in Miami, but nothing compares to Anny’s teaching style. When you enter the room where she will be teaching, she will always be receiving and welcoming her students with a warm smile. During the class, she’ll be going around the room making sure that her students are performing the poses with proper technique and will also challenge you to keep getting better with specific moves/poses. I am always eager to see how Anny is going to vary and make the class special every time that I attend her yoga sessions. I definitely recommend her classes to everyone from beginners to advanced students.

by Karen on AN Yoga Movement
Magical Colombia Yoga Retreat

I attended Anny’s yoga Retreat in Colombia and I can’t stress enough to say that she picked such a beautiful place to host it in. Everything was just perfect, from her classes to every activity and excursion she put together for us. She will DEFINITELY always challenge you in your asanas, because she knows you are capable of doing it, even though you want to strangle her in the process lol...but that’s what a good yoga teacher will do! I will be attending more retreats with her FOR SURE! Thank you BITCH! (That’s my way of expressing my love to her....she knows it!) ❤😬

by Frankie Bonilla on AN Yoga Movement
Magical Colombia

My heart is full of gratitude for the magical experience we had in Colombia! Anny and Nestor did it again with another profound life experience. So many familiar faces come together for an adventure of a lifetime when we travel to Anny's home country. The land was filled with color and nature to take your breath away. Everyday was a new flow with Chakra Balancing and positive affirmations. Every day a new adventure to excite nature lovers and adventurers alike. With horse back riding up a mountain, hiking through the jungle and then giving donations to a nearby school you will truly be filled with so much gratitude. Thank you Anny and Nestor! Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have you in my life and thank you to all my adventurers that I call my family. Until the next one, always be amazing.

by Jane Carvallo on AN Yoga Movement

Anny is so sweet and genuine. She is a seasoned yoga instructor that can and does teach on all levels in every class. She's very conscientious of her work seeing to it that all her students are using proper technique and form. She'll give alternate poses when an individual has limitations as well as proving more challenging asanas to those that can be more challenged. Although she is very professional she keeps her classes light and everyone has fun. Her classes are always full speaking to the love and energy she brings to it!

by Levenia on AN Yoga Movement
Peru Yoga Retreat

I was blessed to be able to attend the yoga retreat in Peru, my 2nd retreat with Anny, and it won't be the last. The combination of yoga practice to include meditation and even a helpful workshops on breathing, proper form (to prevent injury), and bonus functional movement (by Nestor) was very helpful and beneficial. The location was something that than an explanation could not give you a full picture. Among the majestic mountains and gentle streams, and nature all around, it provided the perfect environment to let go. The fresh food dishes and teas were amazing along with the fellowship of amazing people. The cultural immersion opportunities took place everyday through exploration of the Cusco region. The whole experience was amazing with everyone taking all the lessons and experiences that were individually needed. Definitely a growing and beautiful experience made possible by two beautiful spirits, Anny and Nestor. I appreciate and love both of you. Can't wait for the next adventure. If you are on the fence about attending a retreat. Don't hesitate, treat yourself to a wonderful experience. Love and Blessings!!

by Kelly Maria on AN Yoga Movement
Wonderful class

I just moved to Miami and to find such a wonderful class near my home - for free! It was one of the toughest classes I've taken, as someone hoping to progress in my yoga practice I think this is just what I need to challenge myself and gain a deeper understanding of yoga, not just as a form of exercise but also learning how to be more mindful and aware of meditation techniques. Please keep coming to the Palmetto Library! 🙂

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