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I was born in Colombia. At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory disorder and after many years of research I found yoga to be the best solution. After practicing Yoga for about 14 years, I have found my symptoms to be almost non-existent. With a very supportive family, friends and peers I have taken yoga to the next level, instructing. I finished my Vinyasa teacher training and my wish is to share the healing science of yoga with others. Yoga and meditation has helped me tremendously in my healing journey. Through yoga, I found myself healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga reminds me that we each have inside of us everything that we need and it gives me the skills to go “inside” and listen to my own intuition and guidance.


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I love Anny’s retreats! If you’ve been thinking about joining this is your sign to do it. It’s a beautiful experience to practice yoga in another country, eat delicious food, meet amazing individuals & embrace yourself in the culture ✨

Cynthia Aranda

It was a well rounded retreat with delicious food, fun activities and an all levels yoga classes. I highly recommend any yoga retreat with Any. It was very well organized and it went very smooth. Thank you


My trip to Greece with Anny was one of the best experiences of my life. This trip helped awaken my heart and soul and challenged me on so many different levels. I will be forever grateful for this experience and even though have a long way to go, I am excited about improving and learning more about yoga. I have so many special memories that I will cherish forever!!!!

Keri S

It was a well rounded retreat with delicious food, fun activities and an all levels yoga classes. I highly recommend any yoga retreat with Any. It was very well organized and it went very smooth. Thank you


My first retreat and it was life changing. Anny is so knowledgeable, funny and kind hearted. I love how natural the yoga flow feels. I highly recommend her classes and I’ll definitely be going to another yoga retreat.

Cynthia Aranda

This was an amazing yoga retreat, I really enjoyed the food and all the places we visit in Mexico. My favorite things to do was the yoga, the cenotes and the Azulik museum. 😊


Annie has helped me so much with my own physical limitations. I, too, have a chronic inflammatory disorder, among other issues. Annie has patiently helped me grow stronger, and more limber, in a gentle and loving way.

Cathy K.

Nancy S @ 12/21/2018 02:09 I’m still in awe and filled with gratitude for such a joyful experience in Machu Picchu with Anny, who led our group in so many wonderful ways. From daily meditation, to nurture our souls and the best yoga practice including, Thai massage and Acro Yoga which was so much fun and challenging at the same time. The food was amazing and Anny found the best accommodations in the sacred valley filled with such warmth from the staff who fed us like kings with 3 nourishing meals a day plus packing our lunches for our excursions. The exhilaration of the mountains and peaceful waterfalls was breathtaking. Most of all Anny cared for us an we all felt like one big happy family. I would go again and again. Namaste.

Nancy S

Melinda @ 11/25/2018 01:31 This retreat was the best thing I have done for myself in ages! The trip was fantastic in so many levels....from the amazing accommodations in the middle of soaring mountains and a waterfall in the Sacred Valley in Peru, to the daily yoga and Meditation to the mouthwatering food . I was touched by Anny very personal touch and guidance. The beauty of the sites and Machu Picchu was magnified by the energy of the group. Everything was organized to perfection! Thanks for an unforgettable adventure!!

Melinda @ 11/25/2018 01:31

Kelly Maria @ 08/20/2018 08:02 “She’s the best yoga teacher I have ever practiced with. Anny knows how to transition and doesn’t ever use the same sequencing so class is always challenging and flows easily.”

Kelly Maria

This was my first ever yoga retreat and it was absolutely incredible. Thanks to Anny preparations and care, our group had amazing experiences including magnificent hikes and sightseeings, wonderful yoga and meditation classes, acro and Thai massage workshops, and precious opportunities to make great friends. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!


I've attended 2 of the retreats Anny have hosted and I have felt so happy with both experiences. The first one was in Costa Rica and the second one was in Colombia, both were transformational experiences for me. My yoga practice grew exponentially within those weeks. Anny has been one of the most influential yoga mentors I've encountered in my life and for that I am forever grateful!! I am looking forward to continue sharing amazing travel experiences with AN Yoga Movement and the group of individuals that join. Anny is an incredible instructor and has a heart of gold, if you have the opportunity to learn from her I highly recommend it!


Stephane Barraque @ 11/11/2018 02:13 As we head back to Miami after a week of pure joy and beauty, I want to thank Anny for love and kindness. It was our first experience and Noelle and I are already looking Forward to the next one. The Meditation and Yoga classes were always very engaging and never felt the same, and your attention to making sure we are always holding proper posture is a real benefit to our learning and progress. The trip and visits were stunning and perfectly organized always with the right touch of hiking, sightseeing and culture. You nailed it! Thank you again so much for your love and kindness!

Stephane Barraque

My dream came truth! #Machu Picchu It was a memorable trip to Peru. A well balance mix of yoga, meditation, discover and culture. Anny  was a fantastic coach and guide. We are looking forward for their next trip. I recommend for yogis who need to recharge their batteries.


Nicola B @ 11/15/2018 02:09 It was with great pleasure that I went on my first yoga retreat hosted by Anny . I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Peru and to practice yoga and meditation in such a sensational setting! Thank you Anny  for being such wonderful teacher and sharing your passion for yoga! Namaste

Nicola B

Oksana K @ 11/21/2018 12:34 One of the most amazing trips I have ever been on! Wow, Anny did an amazing job organizing this retreat. Great balance of yoga and site seeing activities. And of course one of my dreams come true, visit to Machu Picchu, which was on my bucket list. Everything was so smooth and relaxing. If you want to have a great retreat, you must go with Anny. She make you feel so welcome from the first minute. Any of their retreats is a must!

Oksana K

Frankie Bonilla @ 02/27/2018 05:13 My heart is full of gratitude for the magical experience we had in Colombia! Anny did it again with another profound life experience. So many familiar faces come together for an adventure of a lifetime when we travel to Anny's home country. The land was filled with color and nature to take your breath away. Everyday was a new flow with Chakra Balancing and positive affirmations. Every day a new adventure to excite nature lovers and adventurers alike. With horse back riding up a mountain, hiking through the jungle and then giving donations to a nearby school you will truly be filled with so much gratitude. Thank you Anny ! Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have you in my life and thank you to all my adventurers that I call my family. Until the next one, always be amazing.

Frankie Bonilla

Anny is so sweet and genuine. She is a seasoned yoga instructor that can and does teach on all levels in every class. She's very conscientious of her work seeing to it that all her students are using proper technique and form. She'll give alternate poses when an individual has limitations as well as proving more challenging asanas to those that can be more challenged. Although she is very professional she keeps her classes light and everyone has fun. Her classes are always full speaking to the love and energy she brings to it!

Jane Carvallo

Levenia @ 11/23/2017 02:55 I was blessed to be able to attend the yoga retreat in Peru, my 2nd retreat with Anny, and it won't be the last. The combination of yoga practice to include meditation and even a helpful workshops on breathing, proper form (to prevent injury), and bonus functional movement was very helpful and beneficial. The location was something that than an explanation could not give you a full picture. Among the majestic mountains and gentle streams, and nature all around, it provided the perfect environment to let go. The fresh food dishes and teas were amazing along with the fellowship of amazing people. The cultural immersion opportunities took place everyday through exploration of the Cusco region. The whole experience was amazing with everyone taking all the lessons and experiences that were individually needed. Definitely a growing and beautiful experience made possible by Anny  I appreciate. Can't wait for the next adventure. If you are on the fence about attending a retreat. Don't hesitate, treat yourself to a wonderful experience. Love and Blessings!!


Kelly Maria @ 08/28/2017 10:45 I just moved to Miami and to find such a wonderful class near my home - for free! It was one of the toughest classes I've taken, as someone hoping to progress in my yoga practice I think this is just what I need to challenge myself and gain a deeper understanding of yoga, not just as a form of exercise but also learning how to be more mindful and aware of meditation techniques. Please keep coming to the Palmetto Library! 🙂

Kelly Maria

Stephen Lewis @ 08/17/2017 02:08 After years of ignoring yoga as "not for me" I finally relented and tried the free class at Kendall library. This was my second yoga class but first with Anny. I wish I had started this years ago. While challenging, I felt encouraged by Anny to embrace it. It was exhilarating! I immediately felt better physically and mentally. Anny is an excellent instructor.

Stephen Lewis

Anna @ 07/20/2017 02:29 I took the class for the first time with Anny in the public library at kendall drive Wednesday and loved it. Thank you Anny


Ana @ 07/14/2017 04:34 It was the first class ever of Yoga and I was somewhat concerned. It was a great experience and the classes were always full ...the music she plays is appropriate and smoothing. Thank you Anny


Lorenza @ 07/14/2017 05:19 Excellent instructor, congratulations. I feel blessed with this class.


Maia @ 07/09/2017 10:15 This class is one of the best classes in miami . Great teacher very friendly and didactic class .


Barbara Jimenez @ 07/08/2017 02:39 Anny has a way of challenging you while still being gentle and reminding you to listen to your body. Every time I take her class I feel invigorated yet relaxed. She is very caring and always ready to help anyone that wants to take the pose to the next level or who need a little more support. I am grateful to have found Anny and the fact that some of her classes are free shows her passion for helping the community and have made it possible for me to practice yoga.

Barbara Jimenez

Victoria @ 07/06/2017 09:22 Anny is incredibly skilled, professional, and inspiring. She takes the time and makes the effort to ensure that all her students learn the correct alignments and that everybody practices safely, tailored to the level of each student. I have been going to Anny's classes for about 1.5 years and every class with her has been amazing.


Jessica @ 07/07/2017 01:15 I've learned a lot and corrected a lot of poses that I thought I was doing correctly due to Anny's teaching. Great classes!


Tamara Koubi @ 07/07/2017 03:13 Anny is the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced. She is a wonderful person and excellent teacher!

Tamara Koubi

Danny @ 07/07/2017 12:52 I was hesitant, at first, to practice yoga but Anny's boundless enthusiasm and guidance have turned me into a convert. I have seen my strength and flexibility improve while enjoying myself because her classes are both challenging and fun.


David hoffman @ 07/06/2017 09:17 Wonderful teacher

David Hoffman

Michelle Lomeli @ 07/06/2017 07:10 Anny is a lovely human being and superb Yoga teacher, All classes are full with powerful vibes !!

Michelle Lomeli

Jane M. @ 07/06/2017 07:05 Anny is a wonderful and caring yoga teacher - love going to her classes.

Jane M.

Monica @ 07/06/2017 06:44 Anny is a beautiful soul and an amazing yoga teacher. Her beautiful energy and patience is always present in all her classes. I have been attending her classes for over a year now and had the pleasure of attending one of her retreats. Don't miss your chance to try her class. Light, peace, love. Namaste.


Nicola @ 07/06/2017 04:09 Anny is an excellent yoga teacher! I have been going to her classes for about a year now and I look forward to her classes every week! She is patient and encouraging with all her students . Hope one day to go on one of her yoga retreats!


Mike @ 07/06/2017 02:45 Excellent Yoga teacker and person, unique, special, one of kind, her classes brings the the best out of an individual, her positive energy resonate with the class, always looking forward in attending her class. Namaste!


Georgina @ 07/06/2017 01:58 She is excellent. Her meditation, her positive attitude, her calm, her excellent yoga class, her teaching are incredible. She is the best teacher and I always like her class. Always class is pack meaning that everybody loves her. Looking forward to this Sunday class at Pinecrest Gardens.


Frankie @ 07/03/2017 06:52 The best way to describe this adventure would be, "A profound life experience." Who better to lead a yoga and acro retreat than the incredible Anny. Each day shared with amazing individuals that end up turning into strong friendships you keep with you for life. When everything is done with lots of love and good intentions for everyone the experience will be a memory to treasure by all ends. That is what Anny  put into this trip.

Frankie Bonilla

Frankie @ 07/03/2017 03:57 A phenomenal teacher. The amazing knowledge, love and care that Anny has for her practice is reflected in her class. She always gives wonderful instructions in class as well as attentive care to all students. She is always there and patient with each student.


Jane Cavallo @ 06/27/2017 07:38 Incredible!! Anny is a terrific person! She is so full of love and knowledge that just has to spill over for the rest of us to soak up!! Costa Rica was fabulous! The day trips were so much fun! Food, fun and sun was the cherry on the yoga, acro, meditation cake!! I'll be joining you guys again!

Jane Cavallo

Caro Palmeiro @ 06/23/2017 02:43 Words cant explian how greatful I felt on this Retreat at Costa Rica has been amazing have the best memories really well put together with all dedicated yoga clases , different type of Meditations , Acro classes and Jams!, thai massage lessons, Amazing view location infront of Beach ! such good Vegan and Vegetarian meals made by this sweet couple Nico and Paola such good experties in their field ! Also so many activites on the side like horse riding and go to Surf as well witch was a great spot ! It all felt it was well arrange and with tons of Love really well arranged got to connect with amazing people that I can now call my family for ever Thankful for all of you . Anny, thank you for your awesomeness and dedication in each practice big Love cant wait for more Costa Rica Pura Vida!

Caro Palmeiro

Lisa Wittmann @ 06/23/2017 12:40 This retreat to was a true life changing experience. Aside from the sheer beauty of the country itself and all of the amazing activities and exploration we did, it was the compassionate and radiant souls that were drawn together that made this experience unforgettable. Thank you Anny for sharing your vast knowledge of all things yoga and meditation and most of all your love. You are an incredibly gifted teacher and blessing to this world.

Lisa Wittman

Laura sanchez @ 06/22/2017 09:51 I just came back from the most amazing retreat in Costa Rica. Anny takes care of every detail in every moment.Thank you!


Veronika @ 06/22/2017 08:50 You are simply the best! I love you so much!!!!


Feliz de que Anny haga parte de mi experiencia. Su historia de vida y sanación a través del yoga es inspiradora. Vivo en Colombia pero tuve la oportunidad de hacer una de sus clases acá y quedé conectada, ahora solo espero llegue pronto junio del 2020 para estar de nuevo bajo su guía en México Retreat.

Diana Paola @ 11/09/2019 02:23

What else can I say? Peru 2018 was my 4th retreat with Anny!! Book a retreat with them! I promise you won't regret it!

Jane @ 01/11/2019 07:32

I’ve been to several yoga studios and had various instructors in Miami, but nothing compares to Anny’s teaching style. When you enter the room where she will be teaching, she will always be receiving and welcoming her students with a warm smile. During the class, she’ll be going around the room making sure that her students are performing the poses with proper technique and will also challenge you to keep getting better with specific moves/poses. I am always eager to see how Anny is going to vary and make the class special every time that I attend her yoga sessions. I definitely recommend her classes to everyone from beginners to advanced students.

Alessandro Battellino @ 05/20/2018 05:17

I attended Anny’s yoga Retreat in Colombia and I can’t stress enough to say that she picked such a beautiful place to host it in. Everything was just perfect, from her classes to every activity and excursion she put together for us. She will DEFINITELY always challenge you in your asanas, because she knows you are capable of doing it, even though you want to strangle her in the process lol...but that’s what a good yoga teacher will do! I will be attending more retreats with her FOR SURE! Thank you

Karen @ 02/27/2018 05:21

This was my first retreat with Anny and my first time in Thailand. Both experiences were rejuvenating and deeply connecting. The resort chosen for our stay was a magical, luxurious nook tucked in the jungles of Chiang Rai. It was an incredible experience where we were tended to and very taken care of. Delicious food, magical sites, and an inviting environment where you get to meet wonderful people. I would def recommend it 🙂

Rosie Araujo @ 10/30/2019 07:01

Retreat number three with this amazing human! A life long dream of being in Thailand fulfilled thanks to the help and planning of Anny and Jimena. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Frankie Bonilla @ 10/16/2019 03:19

I had the most amazing time in the Thailand retreat! Anny and Jimena did a wonderful job together! Everything flowed so nicely! Highly recommend these retreats!

Zinnia @ 10/15/2019 09:02

Gorgeous environment, delicious meals, fantastic yoga classes, and delightful tours. This retreat was thoughtfully planned and thoroughly delightful!

Nan @ 10/14/2019 05:05

Could not ask for more! As my first experience with Yoga retreat and first visit in Thailand, I felt welcomed and didn’t have to worry about anything. The trip was perfectly organized, Anny and Jimena gave us all the necessary information since before the trip and it exceeded my expectations. They create the perfect synergy with the group and we experience days full of laugh meditation, trips. Everything they chose was impeccable, resort, places we visit, yoga classes. I am already looking forward to the next one. Totally recommend. Lots of love from Tirana.

Silvana @ 10/14/2019 07:39