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Practicing Yoga Outdoors

Practicing Yoga Outdoors

History teachings has made us understand that Yoga originated in the woods and was developed through pure observation of nature’s laws, the plants, the animals and the balance between man and other 5 elements.

Nature can be enjoyed by just walking through a meadow, a jog in the morning, a hike in the forest, sitting and watching birds, or paddling through the lake. Nature puts us in relationship with our environment and surrounding, nourishing and enriching our senses and our souls with all it got to offer.

In contemporary times, there has been an increasee in trend of Yoga practice outdoor, exploring a deep connection with nature and its many benefits like, connecting with our self, finding a connection with our breathing and a relaxing effect on our entire body, mind and spirit. Walking barefoot is good for your feet because it allows the many, many muscles and joints in your feet, ankles, and toes to work in a way that they don’t normally do while constricted in shoes.

Using yoga to connect with nature is a beautiful opportunity because by using breathing techniques, yoga exercise and meditation we will releases toxins, stress, tension, negative feelings, body pain, etc. Being closer to pachamama (mother earth) will restore our balance, will remind us to be “alive and present” and offers us inspiration.

Practicing outside will push your boundaries and teach you how to let go, also sweating is an essential part of detoxification process.
Practicing yoga outdoor is BEAUTIFUL period, think about it; you can look at the sky, hear the birds, feel the wind in your body, get your dose of vitamin D and learn that you need to disconnect and let go even in the most challenging situations like having mosquitos and bees around (they too want to be there) .