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Remain Centered Amid All Life’s Chaos

Remain Centered amid all life’s chaos

Hello yogis. I hope everyone is doing good, healthy and staying in your house. We are facing a challenging time so this is the perfect time to apply everything we know about yoga, remain calm, take a time during your day to breathe, do the things in your house you always felt you didn’t have time to do, initiate a new project, rest and trust the process. This too shall pass and now more than ever we are depending on each other and our decisions and actions are affecting everyone as a whole so be mindful, kind and help each other. Sometimes a simple act of kindness like a call or even a text to check o your friends and your loved ones can make a huge different in someones life. We are so lucky of having the opportunity to continue with our yoga practice in some way, I am posting different classes and events on my Instagram and trying to keep my website updated as well. Please remain positive, keep your spirits up and trust that all this is for the best. Love you all, feel free to text or call me. For now, I leave you with something I found that gives me so much happiness and hope, please read carefully:

To wake up, find all the help you can, read the books you find, attend the meetings that you’re invite to, meditate, breathe and wait. Everything will help … but at the end only you will do alchemy, because nothing can precipitate it, only your intention to make it happen. And even if you didn’t do anything at all, wait quietly, it will still happen.

If you have already woken up and see how others sleep around you, then walk on tiptoe, respect their dream and discover the perfection of their own times, just as yours were perfect.
When they open their eyes, the brightness of your brightness will help them wake up without needing you to do anything. If you still sleep, relax and enjoy your dream, you are being lulled and taken care of.
Waking up is not an act of magic, although it will fill your life with magic.
Waking up has nothing to do with your external world, although everything around you will seem to have a new glow.
Waking up will not change your life, although you will feel that everything has changed.
Waking up will not erase your past, but when you look back you will perceive it as the story of someone very dear who learned many things, and you will feel that someone is no longer you.
Waking up will not wake up your loved ones, but they will look more divine before your eyes.
Waking up will not heal all your wounds, but they will stop ruling you.
Waking up won’t solve your financial situation, but you’ll feel like a millionaire.
Waking up won’t make you more popular, but you won’t feel lonely again.
Waking up will not beautify you in the eyes of others, but it will make you perfect in your own eyes.
Waking up will not give you more power, but you will discover the power you have.
Waking up may not dissolve the bars of your prisons, but it will give you the freedom to be yourself.
Waking up will not change the world, it will change you.
Waking up does not take away responsibility, quite the contrary will give you awareness of the consequences of your actions and choices.
Waking up will not always make you right, but you will no longer feel like having it.
Waking up will not bring flows of love into your life, you will discover that that flow inhabits you.
Waking up has little to do with what you imagine and has everything to do with love.
To wake up is to love yourself, with your limits and with your experiences, it is to love the other as part of your being and it is to love existence … Yes, to love this beautiful life so surprising and varied in all its nuances.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of being the wonderful Being that you already are. Your life is a sacred act because it is the creation of the God in you.
– Anonymous –