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Integrity is the quality or trait of moral rightness and honesty. It also refers to a state of completeness or wholeness. Individuals that are noted to have integrity often adhere to principles that they consider moral, and remain true to their beliefs and inner self.

Integrity and honesty are often used synonymously, although integrity also incorporates fairness and adherence to high moral and ethical standards as well as a sense of wholeness. One of the primary principles of yoga is connectedness with the self, the Divine, and the rest of the world, as well as living life with minimal harm to others.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a central yogic text, outlines the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Two of the limbs, yama and niyama, discuss ethics, principles and morals that help guide yogis in living a life with integrity. Practicing integrity is one way an individual can incorporate these yogic qualities into his/her life.

Integrity improves the quality of our relationships with others, it also improves your relationship with yourself. When you live with integrity, you are clear on your values and beliefs.

Always as much as you can, try to keep promises you make, when another person makes a request for you, take the time to consider it carefully taking in consideration all the outcomes and implications or give your answer when you have a clear decision, this goes from very little things like the commitments you do to yourself, making plans with a friend or group of friends, time with your family, attending events, business meetings, etc.

Also learn how to say NO, because when you agree to something you do not want to do you are likely to break that promise and start creating excuses to go out of the commitment then that energy will create a trend and others won’t trust your word. Keeping a promise lays the foundation for trust and respect and it means being consistent in what we say and do. When our behavior is consistent, it allows others to build faith in us.

Integrity implies much more than honesty and truthfulness. It involves the full integration of your whole being with your higher aspirations and beliefs. Integrity thus includes fearlessness, kindness, inner relaxation, and cheerful acceptance of whatever comes.